Target Clusters

Tourism, Entertainment & Recreation in Greater Osceola

Given the strong presence of Walt Disney World, Universal Studios Orlando, SeaWorld Orlando and other regional attractions that bring 59 million visitors a year to the Orlando region, this group of industries includes the U.S.’s largest cluster of amusement and theme parks. It also includes other activities that attract tourists to the area, as well as the support activities necessary for the theme parks, such as hotels, landscaping services, restaurants, and more.

The region’s largest industry, employing 110,700 jobs in the Orlando MSA, tourism, entertainment and recreation is slated for continued growth at 4 percent job growth between 2011-2016. Relatively low wages for this sector is an additional selling point for new businesses to the region.

Due to the robust presence of this cluster within the region, supply chain gaps are minimal, but strategic opportunities to close gaps do still exist.

As a staple to both the economy and identity of the region, the tourism, entertainment and recreation cluster is certainly an important player.

Speaking of player, the recreation opportunities in Greater Osceola are endless with year-round weather supporting sports and outdoor entertainment. The Atlanta Braves hold their spring training at ESPN Wide World of Sports and have a Class-A Advanced Florida State Leaque team, the Florida Fire Frogs at Osceola Heritage Park.  Many of the ESPN Wide World of Sports complex’s 3,700 employees are highly skilled positions, including engineers, design and digital graphics. In addition, the Osceola Heritage Park complex, the Osceola County Softball Complex, and multiple golf courses have an immense economic impact on the region attracting thousands of visitors each year.

Osceola County offers visitors and residents entertainment and recreation at every turn.

Tourism, Entertainment & Recreation Benefits in Greater Osceola

  • Disney is partnering with economic development efforts around the region to bring additional investments
  • The US 192 Highway redevelopment and revitalization project continues to promote tourism in the region
  • Greater Osceola works to continuously connect and establish relationships between local suppliers of goods and services and the tourism and entrainment cluster
  • Our region is home to year-round sports activities and sporting goods manufacturers who work to keep the dollars tourists spend in the local economy

Tourism, Entertainment & Recreation Incentives in Greater Osceola

Greater Osceola  economic development professionals are available to talk about customized incentive solutions to help your tourism, entertainment & recreation business succeed in Osceola. Learn more about:

  • Workforce training specific to your needs
  • Capital equipment investment assistance
  • Grants for your specific type of manufacturing
  • Property and sales tax incentives
  • Infrastructure development assistance
  • Becoming part of an incubator program